The European Land Agency provides services for the organisation of your post, packages and bills. Our responsible workers will take over your postal requests and take care that your bills will paid on time. You can also authorise us for taking over registered mail. This service is particularly suitable for clients who live abroad and spend just some time of the year on the island. In that case, it is important to have somebody reliable who will take care that your obligations will be fulfilled on time so as to save your precious time and money.

We wish your vacation to start as soon as you come to your house, and without any stress and unnecessary obligations which we will do instead of you.

  • Cleaning
  • Janitorial services
  • Technical maintenance / specialized repairs
  • Continued care of your property’s proper functions

Regular maintenance of the property contributes to its value. The European Land Agency provides services of professional cleaning, technical maintenance, specialised repairs and complete care of your property. For these services you can rely on professional personnel with long term experience in such work. Daily cleaning, preparation of houses/apartments for vacations, and maintenance work. We also provide specialised services such as plumbing, electrical, air-conditioning, vent/heating maintenance, internet and phone equipment. We guarantee these services and are at attractive market prices.

Your garden needs regular maintenance and care!  You often would have seen  a garden of an owner who put a lot of work, love, effort and resources into it, and so long as he or she does, it will have the look of a fairy tale garden. But as time goes by, and the owner might be distracted by other worries and cares, the garden’ appearance will quickly deteriorate.

The same thing happening to your garden can be avoided with our professional help and services. Keeping a garden beautiful means constant care and engagement. Our expert team takes care of everything from maintaining ornamental shrubs to removing the wormwood of rotten and dry bushes that infect healthy plants.

Only by regular maintenance of your garden can you experience your garden’s full beauty.

  • Obtaining the required documentation regarding the purchase/sale of real estate
  • Checking the owner list and existing real etate documentation
  • Information about down payments, fees and taxes
  • Legal advice of an appointed attorney
  • Information about the pre-contract
  • Information about the contract
  • Taking over job registrations on purchased real estate by agreement with the client

The European Land Agency actively mediates when buying/selling and renting houses, apartments, building plots and agricultural land on the island of Brač. We organise complete legal services for our clients for buying and selling real estate.

We provide you with answers and advice on all your real estate, legal, contractual, and property ownership issues and all other property related matters.